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Underwater connector identification

Sealed multipole connectors
used for TTL Flash, etc.
verboten These connectors must not be disconnected underwater. A waterproof blanking cap is required if the connector is not in use.

N5 Nikonos 5
(N) Connector

ICS5 Ikelite ICS5 connector
(also used on ikelite pro-video light)

PT Olympus

S Sea&Sea 4-pin
Motormarine II
(S) connector.

Duo Sea&Sea Duo flash connector.
(on Sea&Sea and Inon flash units)

Wet Connectors
These connectors can be unplugged and re-connected underwater.
2-wire electrical connectors provide manual flash triggering only (not TTL).

E/O M Electro-Oceanic (E/O)
Used for flash trig and analogue video output
E/O bulkhead

ICS2 M Ikelite ICS2 (2-pin) Connector
(3rd pin is for reversal prevention only)
ICS2 bulkhead

Sealock M Male Sealock (Nelson) Connector.
On end of cable from flash unit.
Sealock F Female Sealock Connector.
To camera

Impulse 6 Impulse 6-pin connector.
Used for HDMI (video monitor) interface on Gates housings 

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