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Epoque DCL-20 wide conversion lens - Test pictures

Epoque DCL-20 Epoque DCL-20 (and ikelite W20 #6420) spec.
concave Magnification: 0.56×
dot_bu Max. depth: 60m
Weight: 650g in air / 400g UW. Dimensions /mm: 99.4 Ø, 59.5 L.
Configuration: 5 elements, 4 groups, AR coating.
Materials: Optical glass lens, Al alloy body.

Canon PowerShot S100 camera in ikelite housing
35mm equivalent zoom setting and aperture as indicated.
Corner detail images are cropped from 5Mp (2582 × 1937) picture. 
dcl20_24 dcl20_24dt

dcl20_28 dcl20_28dt

dcl20_35 dcl20_35dt

dcl20_50 dcl20_50dt

Olympus μ410 camera in ikelite housing
dcl20 dcl20dt

Olympus C-5050 camera in Olympus PT-015 housing
dcl20 dcl20dt

For more details of the μ410 and C-5050 tests, see 35M67 wide converter comparison.

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David W Knight.
Pictures by Steve Knight and David Knight
© Cameras Underwater Ltd. 2012.